Openair Frauenfeld 2024 is cashfree!

Easy, secure and cashless payment: Openair Frauenfeld is cashfree!

Purchases at all food and beverage stands, bars and non-food stands can be made quickly by EC or credit card. On the entire festival site, payment can only be made by EC or credit card.


Can I only pay without cash at the festival?

Yes. All food and drink stalls, bars and non-food stalls now only accept cashless payment by EC or credit card.

Do I need to top up credit in advance?

No. As there is already money on your EC card and your credit card will only be charged at a later date, you do not need to load any credit in advance.

Which EC and credit cards are accepted?

The following means of payment are accepted: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, V Pay, Postfinance, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Twint.

Do I have to enter a PIN when paying by EC or credit card?

For contactless payments, no PIN code is required for amounts up to CHF 80. If the EC or credit card cannot be used for contactless payment, the individual PIN code is required.

How does the payment process work at a bar / stand?

1. order

2. Wait until the amount appears on the payment terminal.

3. hold your EC or credit card against the payment terminal (for contactless payment) or insert it (for non-contactless payment). If requested, enter the PIN code and wait until the display of the payment terminal shows “Payment OK”.

I have ordered something but the payment is rejected by the payment terminal?

1. try again

2. try another debit or credit card

3. one of your friends pays your order with his debit or credit card

4. contact your bank or card issuer.

How is the deposit refunded?

The deposit is refunded directly to the EC or credit card.

What happens if I lose my EC or credit card or it is stolen?

We recommend calling your bank and blocking your debit or credit card. We also recommend that you report the loss to the police after the festival.

Exceptions to the Cashfree payment procedure

The only exceptions are the parking fees and the fees for the tent deposit. These can be paid both cashfree and in cash.

I only have cash with me and don't have a debit or credit card. What to do?

You can buy a festival payment card for cash at the information desk.