All important questions and answers about the Openair Frauenfeld 2022, postponement and tickets can be found in our FAQ.


Children and young people under the age of 16 are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol. The consumption of liquors and drinks with liquors (mixed drinks) is strictly forbidden for adolescents under the age of 18. If the age is not unequivocally above the legal age limits, a passport (ID) must be shown to the staff.


When you drink, your inhibitions and thus decisions you would never have made soberly will fall. Drink enough soft drinks and eat enough during the open-air! This will help you to stay fit and clear. An evocative ambience and comfortable air lounges invite you to relax and chill out. Look to yourself, stay fit and be safe on the road.


A music festival is a torture for animals. Therefore, please leave your beloved four-legged friends at home. Also, for hygienic reasons, we cannot tolerate them on the grounds. Thank you for your understanding.


Unfortunately, bathing in the Thur is no longer possible for nature conservation reasons. The local indoor, outdoor, and spa pool on Schlossmühlestrasse is currently closed due to new construction. The newly signposted bathing area serves as an alternative.


Easy, secure and cashless payment: Openair Frauenfeld is cashfree!

Purchases at all food and beverage stands, bars and non-food stands can be made quickly with an EC or credit card. On the whole festival area you can only pay with EC or credit card.

All further information and a FAQ can be found at openair-frauenfeld.ch/en/cashfree


Battery dead? Our Partners of “Chimpy – Instant Battery” guarantees you a full mobile phone battery at the festival. For 5 francs (+ depot) you can borrow a power bank and charge your mobile while you’re on the move.


A deposit of CHF 2,- is charged for each beverage purchased. The deposit is refunded directly to your  card at all bars and beverage stands.

Drinking Water Points

Drinking water points are marked on the campsites and on the festival grounds.


The use of drugs (as everywhere in Switzerland) is prohibited at the festival. The addiction help is available on the premises for questions about alcohol and drugs.

Food & Beverage

Gone are the days of the annoying carrying of food and drinks back and forth. In the MIGROS branch in the Village (between campsites A, B and C) you can buy a wide range of food and non-food as well as chilled drinks at the usual Migros prices.

In addition, together with our partners from the “Food & Beverage” sector, we offer a diverse and varied range of food products: whether “good plain” Swiss, Asian, Mexican, Italian or vegetarian – nothing will be missing. And all this at fair prices.

Restriction on beverages:

If you want to bring your own drinks to the camping site, you may bring 3 litres of beverages in freely selectable units to the area once. It is forbidden to bring glass bottles. Aluminium cans are allowed.

A 0,5l PET bottle can be taken to the festival area.


Quiet music is no pleasure. Neither is music that is too loud. We stick to the existing regulation regarding maximum volume. If this is still too loud for you, you can and should protect yourself. We, therefore, distribute earplugs free of charge. Where? At the info point, at the stage trench, at exposed bars etc.


Our long-standing employees are available for questions or concerns of all kinds. The information stands are located at the main entrance and at the ribbon control in the festival area.

It is open from Tuesday, 05th July 2022 to Sunday, 10th July 2022. info@openair- frauenfeld.ch can be contacted in advance for further information.


Found something? Lost something? No problem! The Lost and Found Office is located at the well-marked information point between the festival area and Camping A (at the ribbon control).

After the festival the lost property will be handed over to the city of Frauenfeld. You can contact them after Wednesday, July 13th 2022:

Polizeiposten Frauenfeld
St. Gallerstrasse 17
8501 Frauenfeld
Telefon: +41 (0)58 345 24 60
Mail: info@openair-frauenfeld.ch

Migros Store

In the village between campsites A, B and C there is a Migros branch, where, in addition to a wide range of food and non-food products, chilled drinks are available at the usual Migros prices


Admission to the Frauenfeld Openair is generally permitted for visitors aged 16 and over. Visitors under 16 years of age need a confirmation from their parents, which you can download here.

Children up to 12 years are admitted free of charge. Admission only when accompanied by an adult.

The VIP ticket is only available for visitors 18 years and older.

Admission to the LaFabrik Stage and the concerts connected with it takes place due to the local youth protection regulations (tobacco law) from the age of 18.


There will be more lockers on the site than in previous years. However, this number of lockers will not be enough for all visitors. But you can book a locker for the festival online now. The procedure is as follows:
1. choose a locker and book and pay online
2. you will receive a confirmation via e-mail incl. QR-Code
3. on site you will receive your assigned locker with the QR code


The festival grounds are located in the immediate vicinity of a protected nature reserve. In cooperation with the responsible Supervisory Commission, we have developed extensive measures to protect this zone. We kindly ask our visitors to respect them.


Professional Photo- and video recordings are only allowed in the camping area. Small digicams and smartphones may be used on the festival grounds.


Tickets must be exchanged for a festival ribbon at the entrance. This must be worn tightly around the wrist. Opened, defective or lost tapes lose their value. The festival volume is provided with a proof of age. It will only be issued upon presentation of official identification (e.g. ID) (identification required)!

Ticket informations

What if I can’t be at the Openair Frauenfeld 2022? Is it also possible to get the money for my ticket back?

There are 3 options:

A: You can transfer your ticket free of charge in your Ticketmaster account verified and legally valid to a third person. However, a transfer is only possible for festival tickets (no upgrades) and if it is an e-ticket.

Ticket transfer procedure:
1. log in to your Ticketmaster account
2. call “my tickets – events
3. select the corresponding event
4. select “Transfer
5. enter the recipient data

Note: The ticket transfer can be cancelled as long as the recipient has not confirmed the ticket transfer. Attention, this option is only possible if you have an e-ticket and only for festival tickets. Upgrade tickets can unfortunately not be transferred (camping upgrade etc.). There are no additional costs for the ticket transfer.

B: You can have your ticket refunded if you cannot attend OAF 2022 for objective reasons (e.g. semester abroad, school exam). In this case, please contact us via e-mail info@openair-frauenfeld.ch with your documents proving your inability to attend. In case of a refund, the ticket price will be refunded minus the usual handling fee of 10% of the ticket price (maximum handling fee CHF 50.00).

C: If you have taken out ticket insurance when you bought your ticket, you can check your request regarding cost coverage with the insurance company. All further information and insurance conditions of Ticketmaster can be found HERE.


The festival grounds and campground are generally wheelchair-accessible, with the exception of the premium area, which is only partially wheelchair-accessible. Disabled toilets and, thanks to the Cerebral Foundation, a wheelchair-accessible platform with a view of the stage is available. These areas are also accessible for one accompanying person.

Please consider that the Openair Frauenfeld takes place on an open area. Depending on the weather, manoeuvring a wheelchair can be sometimes cumbersome. We do our best to make as many paths as possible wheelchair accessible and maintain them.

You can find all information on how to get there and the campsite in our leaflet for visitors with disabilities: