Which types of tickets are available for Openair Frauenfeld 2024?

You can find all the information about the available tickets here:

What advantages do I have with a 3-Day Ticket Plus?

With the 3-Day Ticket Plus you can already enter the festival site on Wednesday for the exclusive pre Party.

Is there no Early Bird Ticket anymore?

Early Bird Tickets for 2024 are already sold out.

Are there 1-day tickets available?

Yes, 1-day tickets are available from April 04, 2024 at 18.00. With a 1-day ticket you have access to the festival area from 12.00 noon on the day of purchase (no access to the camping area).

Is the VIP camping included within the VIP Ticket?

Camping on the Free Camping B is included in all festival tickets. VIP Camping is not included in the VIP ticket, but you can buy a VIP Camping Upgrade. Camping with a 1-day vip ticket is not possible.

Can I check into my glamping accommodation on Wednesday?

Admission is according to your festival ticket. If you are the holder of an Early Bird, 3-Day Ticket Plus or VIP ticket, you will be admitted on Wednesday and can move into your glamping accommodation accordingly.

Can I buy an upgrade for Wednesday in addition to my 3-Day Ticket?

There is no upgrade for Wednesday. The 3-day ticket is valid for DO-SA. Wednesday is only included in the Early Bird Ticket, 3-Day Ticket Plus and VIP Ticket.

If you have a 3-Day Ticket and want to be present on Wednesday, you can upgrade your 3-Day Ticket to a 3-Day Ticket Plus via Ticketmaster. A handling fee will be charged for the upgrade. Please contact the Ticketmaster support.

I am 16, but I would like to see a concert at LaFabrik. Can you make an exception?

No. The La Fabrik Stage and the La Fabrik Klub can only be entered by 18 years old and up. It is a legal requirement of the Tobacco Protection Law, so unfortunately we cannot make an exception.


Can I camp for free?

Camping at the Free Camping B is included with all festival tickets and does not have to be booked additionally.

How does the 3L-drink-rule work?

Very important: It is allowed to bring 3 liters of drinks per person (only once). Drinks also include the following: beer, spirits, water, milk, etc.. However, you can buy affordable refills at the Migros store on site or at the beer stands. You can also refill drinking water for free at the tap water stations. Please remember that glass is prohibited on the entire festival site.

Can I camp at the festival with a valid ticket?

Yes, everyone who has a valid ticket for multiple days at the festival can camp for free at Free Camping B.

Why do I need a tent voucher?

You need one voucher per tent and per pavilion. The voucher is a kind of deposit. It costs CHF 20.-, but don’t worry, you will get the money back when you go home and take your tent/pavilion with you. You can buy the tent voucher either online or on site.

Can one person bring more than one tent?

Yes, as long as you have a tent voucher for each tent.

We have a camping upgrade but will be arriving separately. How does that work?

That’s no problem. The first person to arrive turns in the upgrade ticket at the camping upgrade check-in and receives four wristbands in return, which they can then distribute to their friends.

We have two camping upgrades and would like to camp next to each other. Can we make reservations?

If you have two upgrades in the same zone and want to camp next to each other, you just have to arrive at the same time, then you will get your camping spot next to each other. Reservations are not possible.

Is the caravan campsite supervised?

No, the caravan campsite is not supervised.

Will there be tap water stations on the campsite?

Yes, there will be free tap water stations throughout the camping and festival area.

Can i bring my shisha?

No, common shishas made of glass are not allowed, as glass is prohibited on the entire site.

Plastic containers (e.g. acrylic shishas) are allowed.