Camping is not only allowed, but also desired. The camping grounds (B, C, D and the VIP Camping) are right next to the festival area. The Campgrounds are officially open from 12:00 on Wednesday until 12:00 on Sunday.

Overview camping sites

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Camping Details

Camping at campsite B is free of charge or included in the festival ticket. Pavilions are only allowed up to a maximum size of 3×3 metres and may only stand above or very close to the tent for space reasons.

On the camping sites we have Securitys, which assign you the camping site.

Camping Upgrades

On campsites C, D and VIP we offer a paid camping upgrade. To ensure that every visitor with a camping upgrade has enough free space to set up his or her own camp, 12m2 are made available per upgrade.

You can find more information here:


There is a central shower station at campsite B. There will also be separate shower stations in the Camping Upgrades C + D and in the VIP area.


Visitors arriving with a caravan/camper need an additional ticket “Camper parking space”. This voucher entitles you to park a motorhome (7.5m x 4m) on the camper parking. The camper vouchers for the Openair Frauenfeld 2024 are sold out!


For each tent brought along, a tent depot voucher of CHF 20,- must be obtained. If you take your tent back home at the end of your stay, you will be refunded the entire amount. To save you unnecessary waiting time at the entrance, get your voucher directly online:


The following items are prohibited throughout the festival area:


If you want to bring your own drinks to the campsite, you may bring 3 litres of drinks in freely selectable units to the camping grounds once. It is forbidden to bring glass bottles. Aluminium cans are allowed. One 0.5l PET bottle per person is allowed on the festival grounds.

In the village between camping grounds B and C there is a Migros store where, in addition to a wide range of food and non-food products, chilled drinks are available at the usual Migros prices. There is also free drinking water on the grounds (see drinking water points).


Small disposable grills are allowed on the camping grounds. Gas/camping stoves are prohibited throughout the area. Carrying gas cartridges of all sizes is also prohibited. The cartridges are disposed of at the entrance.


There are serviced fireplaces on the campsites. Own fireplaces are not allowed.