Reserved tent area ( 4 x 3 meters) within a block on the camping area

Secure a reserved spot (12m²) for you and up to three other friends. The campsites C and D are located not far from the festival area. With the Camping Upgrade you won’t have any stress at the entrance, because your reserved campsite is already waiting for you.

• Central toilet and shower facilities
• Recycling center, Trash Heros and cleaning of the premises
• Served Reception

The admission time to the camping area depends on your festival ticket

Admission times

Admission camping area
Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 08:00 until Sunday, 14. July 2024, 12:00

The admission time to the camping area depends on your festival ticket

Overview camping map

What it's about

We support sustainability and are committed to further reducing the amount of waste on the festival site. For this we have a simple depot system for any kind of tents. Regardless of whether it is an igloo tent, pavilion tent, military tent or other variants – a deposit of CHF 20.- is to be paid for each tent!

This voucher is only redeemable in connection with a valid festival ticket.

How it works

At the baggage check, the tent and the Tent Depot Voucher will be presented. The voucher will be exchanged for a badge. After the festival: take down the tent, pack it and bring it to one of the return points. The return points will be open on Sunday, 14 July, until 12.00 pm. On presentation of the badge and the packed tent (tent bags for pavilion tents will be handed out) the deposit of CHF 20.- will be refunded!

20.- CHF


This voucher entitles you to park one camper (7.5m x 4m) on the camper parking:
• The camper must not exceed a maximum length of 7.50m.
• Vehicles with trailers or caravans are not allowed
• There is no water and electricity connection
• The use of emergency generators is not allowed.
• The operation of wood, charcoal or gas grills of any kind is prohibited
• The open storage of fuel canisters and gas bottles is prohibited

Admission times

The camper parking lot will open on Wednesday, 10th July 2024.

80.- CHF