Welcome to premium packages – the comfort zone during 4 days of festival madness. By far the most chilling way to treat yourself to Europe’s biggest Hip Hop Festival – with an exclusive Premium Feeling.

Premium Bar

General services:

The parking lot is just a stone’s throw away and the VIP entrance is just around the corner. Once at the resort, you’ll find comfortable, fully equipped accommodation of various categories, proper toilets and hot showers, paved paths, lockers, wifi and other pleasures to make your festival experience even more comfortable.

You can chill on your own roof terrace, in the garden or meet old and new friends in the lounge before heading towards the Festival Zone. The bar provides you from 07:00 to 02:00 o’clock a day with a select range of street food, snacks and drinks – before, during and after the party. Exclusive. Stress-free.


For the short breaks between the excess you can choose between 2 and 8-bed accommodations with different equipment and comfort according to your taste and needs. From the equipped 2-person tent to the 8-person mansion, the programme covers a wide range of needs and guarantees an unforgettable open-air Frauenfeld.