Easy, safe and cashless payments: the Openair Frauenfeld is cashless!

Since 2018 all purchases at food-, beverage stands, bars and non-food stands will be cashless. At the entry, you will receive a Cashless Wristband which you can top up with money either before the festival online or at the festival at the cashcorners. With this credit, you can pay on the whole area and recharge the writstband locally or online again and again.

  • Advantages of online registration:

      Visitors can conveniently top up their payment card at home with their desired amount and their preferred payment method – this way you can “save up” your festival visit easily

      Your remaining credit will be automatically repaid after the event if an IBAN has been deposited

      Cashless wristband can simply be blocked in the event of loss.

Can I only pay cashless at the Openair Frauenfeld?

Yes. All the food- and beverage stands, bars and non-food stands will only accept cashless payment with the Cashless Wristband.

Where and how can I top up my Cashless Wristband with credit?

→ Before the festival: The Cashless-credit can be topped up and managed before or during the event online on our website or in our App. A registration is needed for this. Registration link will be here on monday 10th June.

→ During the Festival:

The cashless wristband can be topped up locally at a cashcorner by means of cash or credit/debit card.

It is possible at any time to top up the cashless wristband with new credit via the app. To do this, the wristband must be registered in the web portal. As soon as the credit has been loaded via the app, the loaded money is automatically added to the cashless wristband the next time you contact a cashier.

How do I get my cashless wristband?

All Visitors will receive it at the ribbon check.

I topped up credit beforehand. How does the money get onto my cashless card?

If you top up your credit in advance via the web portal, you will receive a QR code. This QR code can also be loaded at any time via the app or the website. At a cashcorner, the code is scanned and the wristband is linked to the account, which then automatically loads the credit onto the wristband.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount I can load my cashless wristband with?

You can load an amount of your choice as the credit on your cashless wristband, up to a maximum of CHF 500.

Will I receive a receipt for the purchase of my credit?

→ Website / App Uploaded credit via the website or app, generates a receipt by e-mail. All transactions can be viewed at any time on the website or in the app.

→ At the Festival / Caashcorner A printed receipt is available for all charges at the Cashcorner.

How does the payment process work at a stand?

  1. order
  2. wait until the amount appears on the reader
  3. hold the cashless wristband against the reader and wait until “Payment OK” appears on the display. You will then see your new available credit on the display.

Do I need a PIN code for the payment process and/or do I have to register?

No. All you need is your cashless wristband with the credit load. Registration of the cashless wristband is not necessary but recommended.

Is the deposit also settled and refunded via the cashless wristband?

Yes. Of course, if you return the card intact (e.g. PET with chip), it will be reloaded onto your cashless wristband account.

I have ordered something, the seller has already entered the product into the cash register, but the credit on my cashless wristband is not sufficient for payment – what should I do now?

A) One of your friends pays for your order with his cashless wristband

B) The order is cancelled and you top up your wristband with new credit via app or website

C) You visit a cashcorner and top up your cashless wristband with new credit

What happens if I lose my cashless wristband or it is stolen?

If you have registered your cashless wristband online, it is personalized. If lost, the personalized cashless wristband will be replaced (help desk). Non-personalised cashless wristbands are equivalent to cash and should, therefore, be stored just as carefully. Visitors who have not registered the cashless wristband are not protected against loss and the credit cannot be refunded.

The festival is over and I would like to have the remaining credit on the Cashless Wristband refunded. What do I have to do?

→ During the festival

During the festival there will be no cash withdrawals from cashless balances.

→ Automatic refund

If you have provided your refund information in your profile before or during the festival, you will automatically receive the balance within 10 working days after the festival.

→ Not registered online

If you have not registered online, you can enter your IBAN account number, your name, the address, the UID number printed on the cashless wristband and the security PIN on the website and the balance will be credited to your account.

I would like to keep the remaining credit on my Cashless Wristband for the next OAF – is this even possible?

No. You can claim back the balance on your cashless wristband. However, it is not possible to keep credit and use it for the next OAF.

Exceptions to the cashless payment procedure:

The only exceptions are the parking fees and the fees for the tent depot. These must be paid in cash on site as usual, as they take place before check-in and the associated handover of the cashless wristband. For technical reasons, the lockers on the camping site can only be used with CHF 2,- coins.

Who can I contact in case of problems?

During the festival, you can always contact the help desk in the customer care area or the cashcorner VIP (open all day). After the festival, you can contact us at

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