Where there are many people, a lot of waste is produced. For the benefit of everyone, but also for the sake of our environment, we ask for your active support. There are marked waste islands (including separate PET and ALU collection containers) throughout the festival area. Please use these and do not throw your garbage on the ground. This is a great help to our round-the-clock cleaning team.


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Tent Voucher

We support the international fundraiser campaign LOVE YOUR TENT and are committed to further reducing the amount of waste on the festival grounds. For this purpose, we are introducing a simple deposit system for all types of tents. No matter whether pavilion tent, igloo tent, military tent or other variants – a deposit of CHF 20,- is to be paid for each tent. If you take your tent back home at the end, you will get the full amount back. The Deposit Vouchers are available here: